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Sources of Financing for Top 5 Ministries That Received the Highest Allocation in the 2022 Budget

Based on the 2022 approved Budget estimates in 2020, 87% of government expenditure was financed via domestic sources and 13% was financed via foreign sources. In 2021 91% of expenditure is estimated to be financed domestically and in 2022 93% of expenditure is expected to be financed domestically.

In 2022 Ministry of Finance , Ministry of Public Services Provincial Council and Local Government , Ministry of Defence , Ministry of Highways and Ministry of Health received the highest allocation accounting for 79% of total government expenditure. The financing of the expenditure for the above ministries have been depicted in the following infographic.

Ministry of Highways and Ministry of Health are relatively more inclined to use foreign sources of financing. In 2020 73% of Ministry of highways expenditure was financed by foreign loans. The government estimates indicate that the amount financed via foreign  sources to decline in 2021 and 2022.

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