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Has the Government Fulfilled its Policy Promises in the Environment Sector Through the 2021 Budget?

The National Policy Framework: Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour is the government’s official policy document. As such, the government is bound to implement the policies mentioned in this policy document. For the majority of these policies to be implemented, as an initial step, the government needs to allocate money through the National Budget.

This infographic gives the policies in the Environment sector with allocations in the 2021 budget.

Full Allocation – Allocations made for all the aspects of the policy proposal. However, it is not certain that all allocations are sufficient in monetary terms.

Partial Allocation – Allocations not made for certain aspects of the policy proposal

No Allocation – Allocations not made at all for the proposed policy

Note: Only the policies that require a budgetary allocation are considered for this analysis. Any policies that require alteration of the regulations, governance and legal structures, etc. are excluded.

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