Budget 2021: Defence

The 2021 Budget Debate for the Ministry of Defence is happening today (3 Dec).

This year, Budget proposals for the Defence Sector amounts to LKR 23,250 Mn.

Here are all the budget proposals relating to the defence sector.

Extract from the Budget Speech 2021
National Security

With the aim of ensuring national security, a medium term plan to enhance the professional skills of the heroes of our tri-forces, providing them with modern technological facilities is currently being prepared. In the context of resource constraints and identified priorities in the country, further strengthening of the Sri Lanka Navy has been given priority. We must combat the drug menace and must eliminate our country from being a becoming a hub for international illicit drug trade. The government expects to ensure that the investments will facilitate to control smuggling of goods, providing the required protection for the fishery resources and fishery communities and establishing a safe environment for carrying
out tasks in the Indian Ocean. Further, we have also considered the short term requirement for equipment and infrastructure of the Sri Lanka Army and Air Force in the background of the multiple tasks performed by them including in disaster management. I propose to allocate Rs. 20,000 million as an additional provision for the tri-forces to fulfill the basic requirements identified in the medium-term and long-term planning frameworks in accordance with their basic requirements.

I propose to allocate Rs.750 million for the activities implemented by the Rana Viru Seva Authority, including the provision of medical aid, support for development enterprises, conducting of educational and vocational development programmes, housing loans and provision of supporting equipment for the disabled war heroes targeting, the retired and disabled war heroes of the tri forces, police and the civil defense force and the dependents of the families of those heroes have laid down their lives.

Public Security

Government has given special attention to strengthen the police forces so as to assure public security. We must consolidate the environment for all citizens to live freely without any fear. Resources will be allocated to support the control of the drug menace, to regulate vehicles and traffic rules, strengthening Tourist police, special trainings and provide the necessary facilities to prevent crimes and robberies.
It is also proposed to expand the police patrols to ensure public safety by deploying special police vehicles. I propose an additional allocation of Rs.2,500 million, to address special programmes aimed at strengthening public security.

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