The money spent on Parliament: Where does it go?

 In 2017, LKR 2,841 Million was spent on Parliament of Sri Lanka.

60% of the total (LKR 1,711 Mn) was spent on services related to the establishment of the parliament. These are as follows,

  1. Payment of salaries and allowances to 844 employees under Personal Emolument (LKR 875 Mn)
  2. Refurbishment of Parliamentary Complex and Infrastructure Development under Capital Expenditure (LKR 395 Mn)
  3. Diets and Uniform (LKR 124 Mn)
  4. Electricity & Water (LKR 88 Mn)
  5. Maintenance Expenditure (LKR 87 Mn).

33% of the total (LKR 926 Mn) was spent on Members of Parliament. Expenditure related to Members of Parliament include,

  1. Rent (LKR 269 Mn)
  2. Retirement Benefits for former parliamentarians (LKR 196 Mn)
  3. Postal and Communication (LKR 135 Mn)
  4. Allowances under Personal Emolument (LKR 118 Mn)
  5. Fuel (LKR 117 Mn). 

More details on allowances to the members of parliament is given below.

7% of the total (LKR 203 Mn) is spent for the Office of the Speaker of which LKR 71 Mn is spent on Personal Emoluments.

Extracts from the Parliament Website
There is no any other payment such as Monitoring Member Allowance, Subsistence Allowance, Housing Allowance, Train Passes or Newspaper Allowance etc. Source: (

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